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Red Shoes 07-08-2017 04:20 PM

Character Spotlight of the Month
Character Spotlight of the Month

Each month we will have a spotlight on a character on the board from any game! We do love to watch what everyone is writing and we hope you do too!

Red Shoes 07-08-2017 04:54 PM

Azure Vesna

For August's Character Spotlight we delve deep into the depths of the Courts of Cornesse to discover a little bit about Azure Vesna, Fae of Vitaenum and brother to the High Lady Juniper. A difficult thing for the first born son to the first born daughter of the old High Lady of Vitaenum, when he would never be High Lord himself due to the systems in place.

His life has been made uneasier still as his bondmate, the most sacred of relationships in Cornesse, even more so than marriage itself, has seemingly so far had no interest in returning the favour. A harsh reality for any Fae, a broken bond can haunt you for life to the point of death.

Then again a confusing situation for Azure perhaps is the fact that his heart was not completely entangled in his bond instead having strange feelings for that of his cousin, the Lady Cerelia. Tonight he was allowed to enjoy her company, and she would gladly let him. She positively lit up around him and it made Azure's chest warm happily when he looked at her. Cerelia has long been in love with Azure but it is perhaps only recently that the man has begun to look back. A dance at the ball of the summer solstice that led to a kiss. The future is uncertain and his heart even more so.

It is still early days for Azure but we enjoy keeping up with him and so we can't wait to see more. Congratulations Vicki (Kimberly Hart) on Azure and Character Spotlight of the month!

Red Shoes 03-09-2017 10:38 AM

Nicholas Gellar

In September we move away from the change of seasons in Cornesse and find ourselves in the depths of a Bohemian Winter with Nicholas Gellar as the focus of our story. Born in Florida to a Disney loving mother, Nick was named after the Wiley Fox in Zootopia, his little sister Judy coming along not much after him. His father was sports mad and that instilled a love into Nick but it was the memory of his aunt, a woman whom he'd never met but whose memory lived on through the stories his parents told that shaped his future. Playing football wasn't to be his goal, but becoming a sports physician was.

College changed his plans however from what they had been. Football had been Nick's focus, he would complete his bachelors and masters and be just like his aunt Julie. Dance had never been in his future yet one class of Physiologic & Metabolic Basis of Human Movement & Performance seemed to get him hooked. Ballet was as far from football as one could get yet in so many ways there were similarities to the punishment on the body. With a supportive family in tow he found himself attending the Charles University in Prague for his masters degree.

Now he's been working with the national ballet for the last year and a half and he's made himself at home very much amongst all the ballet dancers, almost being one of them. During his masters he was home sick but it was manageable, now however as a permanent resident of Prague his home sick has gotten a lot worse. His baby sister Judy has now taken him up on his offer to visit him in Prague, a little piece of home now with him. With her there he didn't feel quite so alone. "I didn't realize how lonely I was without you until just now, actually." The pair of them were as close as siblings could be and now they were together things didn't seem quite so bad. There would be much to discuss, especially if Judy was planning on staying but that was for another time.

Nick is still very much in the early stages still but so far we are all a little bit in love with him and how protective he is as a big brother. Congrats Sandra (Bridges) on Nick and Character Spotlight of the Month!

Red Shoes 01-10-2017 04:40 PM

Bianca Franchetti

This October we leave the winter of Prague and find ourself across an Ocean blinded by the lights of New York City with Bianca Franchetti now in the spotlight. Her story began in Naperville, Illinois but her young life began in difficulty after her parents were gunned down when she was only a young girl of only six. Her maternal grandfather took her in then but it was still not an easy life for Bianca, the last name of Franchetti was always a sore spot for him even as he was denied being allowed to change it to Genovese.

By the time she was eight she was shipped abroad, never staying in one spot for two long. Until the age of fourteen she was forever known as Bianca the new girl, no one knowing the connections to her past and everything she had lost as a small child. It was when she was fourteen that she went to New York. School was not her friend, often being in the principles office but it was college that made her with a four year nursing degree before Bianca graduated and worked in the ER of NewYork-Presbyterian before working at the Morgan Stanley’s Children’s Hospital ER. It may not have been the life her grandfather envisioned for her but it was a life of her own. It was now as an adult that she has reconnected with her fathers side of her family through her grandmother but by doing this she has discovered the deep rifts that run through the two sides of her.

Bianca now works incredibly hard but she also enjoys finding some downtime. It was during this that she found herself listening to some Jazz music at Cleopatra’s Needle enjoying some good food. Here she met Deacon Corvin a New York Lawyer. The pair of them shared interesting conversation and there were certainly sparks on both sides as Bianca's presence managed to turn Deacon from a man very much alone to a brighter one. They moved quickly towards the Tennis Centre with ice cream in hand. Their conversation that had begun back in the middle of jazz music had very quickly turned into a date. They were bonding very much over sports and it seemed very much that there would be a future date on the cards

Bianca is in the early days still but she is so interesting and we love seeing her in play! The relationship between her and Deacon will have a close eye on them! Congrats Fred (Vhenan) on Bianca and Character Spotlight of the Month!

Red Shoes 08-11-2017 06:38 PM

George Ross

We're a little late this month with our character spotlight but that's because we had to wait for the stars to arrive on the red carpet within American Dreams, and one of the biggest stars of them all, George Ross, winning the award! There is so much to say about George, he certainly is one of the favourites of so many of the staff and members here on WiB so we shall attempt to give it a go!

George was the first born son to a middle class family in Melbourne, his brother Brandon following a few years after him, the two of them being best friends with their cousin as well. They certainly weren't famous, his parents were hard working people and the future that the brothers would have was not something that anyone could truly have imagined. An audition as a teenager for a talent scout was the first move from being an ordinary child to that of an actor, being cast on the incredibly popular Home & Away. It allowed George to make a name for himself in both Australia and the UK where the show was loved completely. It truly was just the beginning however because after only a few years in the show he was scouted by Hollywood for a role in Star Trek! It seemed a bit mad that the boy from Melbourne was finding himself half way around the world for a role in one of the biggest sci fi franchises but he wouldn't turn his nose up at it all!

Star Trek was only the beginning of course. The true magic for George came with a role in Thor. It was more than he could ever wish for and it propelled him to a Hollywood leading man with everyone knowing his name. That was a difficult thing to deal with of course when it came to love, but luckily for him there was someone special right around the corner. Brooke Parker stared in a film with him and it was terribly easy for him to fall for her. There was the difficult subject of her boyfriend that got in the way, but it did not stop his feelings from growing. Joel was soon out of the picture and eventually Brooke knew that she loved him in return and the pair have never looked back. A huge splashy wedding, now two children together the pair were a true Hollywood romance story that seemed to buck the tide for people in the spotlight breaking up. Now with the third Thor film completed the world seemed so large and wonderful to George.

While George is a vetarian character through and through there is still so much to see. From his fantastic bromance with Sawyer Cooke, to the truth of his cousin truly being his brother, and now bringing up the babies with Brooke there is going to be a hell of a lot more to come from him! Congrats Anna (Chaol Westfall) on George and Character Spotlight of the month!

Red Shoes 01-12-2017 01:29 AM

Clementine Edison

Finally our character spotlight is heading to the green green pastures of the emerald isle for one of my personal favourites, Clementine Edison. A beauty and a delight there is already so much to say about this pretty rose.

Clemmie is the only daughter of Audrey Temperley and Atticus Edison. Whilst her mother couldn't conceive her naturally, they used a surrogate because they wanted a child of their own so desperately. When Clemmie came along she was the apple of their eye, her father was certainly sure that there wasn't a child on earth that was more wanted or loved than his little princess. Of course she didn't grow up a lonely child, Atticus and Audrey were best friends with the Rhys family and Daisy was one year older than her. They were instant best friends, from the times the played together in the dirt in Kew Gardens, to when they both decided together to move to Dublin. They were more than friends and more than sisters, soul mates to the very core.

This didn't mean that things were magical for Clemmie. For much of her childhood she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, something that she struggled with because she longed to be normal. Her family loved her and wanted nothing but the best for her, but there seemed to be nothing that made it better for her only occasionally easier. It didn't matter how many times Atticus would cuddle her, Audrey to tell her that she loved her or Daisy to tell her how beautiful she was. She felt flawed and there didn't seem to be an end in sight to that. It wasn't until she met Gordy Emerson that things seemed to change. He seemed to see through all her barriers and into her very heart. No he wasn't a magical cure, the only person who could truly heal Clemmie was herself but he loved her deeply and was her very own personal cheerleader. She felt more relaxed around him to the point that when they were in vegas and he proposed to her they married the same night. Now she is learning how to be Mrs Emerson and for someone who doesn't enjoy change it is a new lesson to learn.

Clemmie is certainly one of the sweetest characters on the board with so much love to give and I'm so glad that she gets to be shared with you all now. There will be so much more to see now with her marriage to Gordy, her friendship with Daisy and trying to balance her future with it all! Congrats Mel (Marlowe) on Clemmie and Character Spotlight of the month!

Red Shoes 01-01-2018 11:44 AM

Lucian Asteron

A new year, a new Spotlight and in January's Character Spotlight we find ourselves back at Courts of Cornesse to find out about Lucian Asteron, The High Lord of the Moon Court. The one Court where rulers are chosen not born but because of this the home of the most ruthless Fae of them all.

Noctaluce was a new court when Lucian was born, making him one of the first Fae to officially be born within it. This as a young man would have already given him a different mind set, the leaders that came before were other but Lucian was one with the Moon and everything it stood for. His family were as filthy rich as any other that had founded Noctaluce which meant that they as much as any other craved power, meaning Lucian was dragged from pillar to post in the hope that one day he would make the connections required to grab power for them. Education was important as well, for the leaders in other Courts were just handed their titles, they had no requirement to be intelligent in any way. Lucian needed to be quick, smart and ruthless in both mental and physical strength, something he knew all too well.

There was a change within him however when he met his bondmate, Nyx Silverstorm. She was the wife of their High Lord, beautiful and intelligent and someone he knew he could not have. When would that have ever stopped Lucian however? It was fated of course, she was to be his and Nyx was able to set in motions the events that would end the old High Lord's life and place him now upon the throne. No longer a rich man's son, but the most respected man in all of Noctulace. Almost a century now and Lucian has learnt to play the game better than any before him. Most of the High Lady's and Lord's now sitting on their various thrones have been in place for less time than himself, giving him power that he could hide away now for his own uses. He had his many spies and poison masters out there in the world to do his bidding whilst he could pretend to be the kind bumbling fool that no one would think was the most dangerous man in all of the Courts. Only if he continued to play the game perhaps all the cards would eventually fall.

Lucian is certainly the bad boy of CoC that we all love to love as well as hate! Congratulations Sarah (Domino) on Lucian and Character Spotlight of the month!

Red Shoes 01-02-2018 08:57 PM

Fiona O'Malley

This month we're back in tinsel town with one of this seasons award winners with Fiona O'Malley, now being the proud owner of a Golden Globe and Character Spotlight of the Month!

Fiona was a typical Irish lass, growing up in a small town middle of nowhere. Very much shy as a child and an only child at that it wouldn't be until school that she came out of her shell. The school play was something that she could shine in, pretending to be another person was something that Fiona enjoyed and her parents encouraged her to try out acting more, putting her forward for TV auditions as well. It of course was not easy at first, she was a very young actress in Ireland and rejection became with this but at sixteen she was cast in a TV movie and it taught her much to take into her future. It also got her more noticed and jobs in England came followed by the call to Hollywood. This would be a test to her shy nature but Fiona was now a good actress and she could act her way through interviews.

She found more in Hollywood than just acting. Micah Asbury was already an amazing actor in his own right and she felt a real connection to him. However as her star began to rise would it be difficult between them especially as even though she was confident in the spotlight behind the scenes she was still shy by nature. Their relationship was still new and fragile, adding outside pressures on this would be a lot. Especially since the awards season was now upon them and she had won the Golden Globe for best actress! The future in her career was bright with an Oscar nomination now hers as well. Now she would figure out how to balance something she loved with someone she loved.

Fiona is certainly one of the sweetest characters in American Dreams and we look forward to see more from her and her relationship with Micah! Congrats Amy (Phantasmic Parade) on Fiona and Character Spotlight of the month!

Red Shoes 04-03-2018 11:27 AM

Dekhlan Ruscus

I'll admit it, we are running a little behind schedule this month but March is here and so is our new Character Spotlight of the month. Cornesse is bearing the fruits of another wonderful character and we are going to find out about Dekhlan Ruscus , Noble from the Court of Gelidis and a man with a heart of gold.

Dekhlan Ruscus was born as the youngest child of three to a well to do family in Gelidis. At the time of his birth, the previous High Lady Calandra was still on the throne and so he grew up in an era of prosperity but also of freedom. This mixed with the fact he would not be expected to carry on the family work due to being the youngest he had a real sense of adventure about him. However he was still a young man, for everyone knew that the Fae did not reach true maturity until they turned 100 so his parents had not let him out yet to spread his wings. He wanted to find a way, any way to be sent away from court so that he would be able to see the world for himself. Winter was beautiful but it would be wonderful to see the sun as well.

Life however always had the most interesting way to find you when least expected. Upon going to the Diamond Glacier Bridge he had been expecting to hide from his father and the lessons that were pressed upon him, he just hadn't expected to find a Princess. It was an unexpected pleasure but it also allowed a strange feeling to wash over him. There were nerves, naturally so as she was the Princess of Gelidis but there was also something more. Nerves that seemed to turn his legs to mush and the poor boy kept falling over in the ice and hit his head probably harder than he had wanted to. If nothing else one could see Dek was quite literally falling for Laurel Yalda. It didn't stop him putting the wrong foot forward of course with his words but there was a part of him that knew what this was. She was his bond mate wasn't she? Wasn't she?

Dek is very much in his early stages but he has a big future we can tell! Can't wait to read more between him and his Princess. Congratulations Becky (Journey's End) on Dekhlan and Character Spotlight of the month!

Giselle 31-03-2018 03:11 PM

Jake Tate

This month we’re going to do a whole 180 and I'm taking the reins. You see, this month’s Character Spotlight is already in the limelight and he hates it. The harsh glare of the photographer’s flash has revealed Jake Tate, our tortured actor with the face of a Grecian god.

Born in a cloud of mystery Jake never knew his parents. The only clue he had to his parentage was the request that his middle name be Greek. It wasn’t much to cling to and Jake went through the foster system in England, never truly finding where he belonged. It was LA that beckoned him, however and it was there that he first found what it meant to belong. He and young actress Tibby Hilburn were inseparable and after graduating from CalArts, they welcomed their son, Freddie, into the world. It looked like Jake finally had the family he had always been craving. But life was never truly that kind. While his profile in Hollywood rose, his home life fell apart as so often is the case.

While Jake dealt with the pressures of notoriety he made a few poor decisions, shall we say. Choosing to date someone under contract and without feeling was probably not the wisest choice. But looking back with hindsight wasn’t going to help him. It wasn’t until his baby mama was injured terribly on set in England that Jake had to confront his feelings and the truth. That’s why whilst Tibby recovers from a serious spinal injury Jake has moved in to help with the day to day care of their son. But a bedside confession has made tensions in the house pique and it’s all just a matter of time until it bubbles to the surface spectacularly. Poor Jake just can’t catch the break he so desperately needs. But maybe a bit of honesty and some time can make everything all better. Who knows! Miracles can actually happen when you least expect them.

While Jake’s been around for a while he’s only just really finding his feet and coming into his own. The soap-esque plot that has become his life is really one for the books and I know we can’t wait to find out more about how Jake is going to set things right and get the girl he so desperately wants! Congratulations Vicky (Murdoch) on Jake and Character Spotlight of the month! Sorry aboot that.

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