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Image of American Dreams
Image of American Dreams
14-07-2017 by Lando, , , ,
Three cities, one goal! Welcome to American Dreams

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American Dreams takes us the the epicentre of fame and fortune that people wish to chase when they\'re a part of Hollywood. For so many their lives become based in Los Angeles, slogging it out for years as waiters just trying to find their big break. It\'s hard and harder still when you simply can\'t always follow your dreams. For some though the dreams do come true which means their lives take them all over the country. California itself is no longer where movies and tv shows are commonly filmed because of tax reasons and so some find themselves either commuting to Atlanta to film various shows or movies on the short term or they find that they\'ve permanently relocating to Vancouver especially if their shows are doing well enough to get multiple seasons. The American Dream may have begun in Hollywood but now it truly is spread out across North America. This is one game, three cities, all in the pursuit of fame and fortune
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